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Aug 29, 2022

Now that kids are back to school, you may feel limited on the time you have to build relationships. No worries! In today's episode I share a simple way to shift your conversations to create more connection and lightness with the limited time you have together.



Aug 18, 2022

Is the use of absolute language shutting down communication in your home? A few small shifts and a little intention can dramatically change the energy in your home.

Aug 15, 2022

Tired of the selfishness or entitlement you see creeping into your family? You are not alone!

If you have 2 minutes, you have time for a family kindness challenge. In this episode we talke about the simple process to help fight back against entitlement and selfishness.

Aug 1, 2022

It's hard to let our kids make mistakes. No one likes to watch someone they love stumble. And, our responsibility as parents is NOT to pave the way for our children. Let's talk about how and why this matters.