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Nov 29, 2021

Can parenting from the same page really be a thing? Yes....and no. Let's talk about what you can try if you and your parenting counterpart disagree.

Nov 22, 2021

Holidays can hold a lot of emotion. Beautiful tender feelings AND also difficult, stressful, painful ones. It is okay to make room for both. You don't have to choose.

Nov 18, 2021

Holiday gatherings are intended to be fun, but we all know that our kids don't always agree. Helping our kids preview what to expect and how we can navigate gathering, will decrease our stress and increase our personal enjoyment.

Nov 15, 2021

We run fast as parents. Join me and take just a small break to breathe.

Nov 11, 2021

Finding out that our kids have been exposed to online garbage like pornography will make us sick every single time. Preparing ourselves with a plan, will help us react in the best way possible.