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Apr 27, 2023

Kids and teens want to do well in their lives. You've taught them about goodness and they want to be on a good path. They don't want to be forced there. This episode is about the invitation versus the demand.

Apr 24, 2023

When I was teaching last week a mom shared the idea of hot potato moments. This reframe is a great way to ease the stress of those times when our kids unexpectedly dump big information or events on us.


Apr 13, 2023

Mom, my lip is stuck in my zipper. WHAT!? Listen in for a great example of how we sometimes tackle hard problems.

Apr 7, 2023

Tired of getting blank stares when you try to share a valuable life lesson? Use pop culture or whatever tredn matters to your kids. In this episode I share a recent family experience and how we used it to guide value driven family discussions.